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Cake Recipes - Pudding Special Color


• 400 cc of fresh milk
• 100 gr sugar paisr
• 2 sticks in order to
• 2 chicken eggs
• Vanilla to taste

How to make:

• In order to be soaked in cold water for 15 minutes, then cooked until destroyed
• Add milk and sugar, stirring stirring
• Beat the egg yolks and then add a little sugar to the case mix, stirring gently. After that enter the order for which has been incorporated with a filter.
• After you enter a new blended into the egg whites and mix well
• Give dyes according to taste
• Enter into molds that have been dampened slightly with water
• Leave until firm then cut into pieces.
• Serve to your family

Avocado Pudding

* 2 pack order - that white powder
* 2 pieces Avocado
* 250 gr sugar sand
* 900 cc of fresh liquid milk
* 100 cc hot water
* 1 tablespoon instant coffee powder
* 1 tablespoon pasta Mocca

How to Make:

* Cut the avocado in half, seeded, take the meat and finely chopped, set aside.
* Mix the instant coffee with hot water until dissolved.
* Cook for - in order, sugar, liquid milk and instant coffee in a saucepan until boiling, stir - stir.
* Add the avocado and mocca paste, stir well, lift.
* If it was a little cold, store in a mold that has been provided.
* Enter into the refrigerator, cut - cut and serve in cold

Es Cendol

* 1 part Flour hunkue
* 4 cups water
* Leaf Suji (for gilding green)
* 1 / 2 btr Coconut (santannya take 2 cups)
* 1 / 4 kg of red sugar
* 1 / 2 ounces of sugar sand
* 2 sheets of pandan leaves (torn and tie)
* Salt to taste

How to Make:

* Boil brown sugar and white sugar, add the pandan leaves and set aside.
* Mix the flour with water and hunkue green leaf gilding Suji.
* Cook over low heat, stir - stir until translucent color.
* Provide a pot of cold water, put a filter on it cendol (from wire).
* Pour the flour mixture on it so that makes this form - the form that came out of the bottom sieve.
* Form - this form will directly go into the cold water, so that each other does not stick.
* Serve with a solution of sugar, coconut milk and ice cubes.

Orange Passion Fruit Punch

* 250 ml orange water
* 100 ml Water lemon
* 75 ml passion fruit syrup
* 50 g caster sugar
* 6 Passion fruit (apart, dredging contents)
* 650 ml of cold soda water
* Ice element sufficiently

How to Make:

* Mix the sweet orange juice, lemon juice, passion fruit syrup and castor sugar, stirring until sugar dissolves.
* Enter the contents of passion fruit, mix well.
* Keep the refrigerator into the right to cool.
* Pour into a glass, give the soda water and shaved ice.
* Serve cold for 10 glasses.

Biji Salak

* 1 kg sweet potato (steamed and peeled the skin)
* 100 gr Flour Starch
* 500 gr sugar Java
* 500 cc Water
* 1 ltr coconut
* 2 sheets of pandan leaves
* Salt to taste

How to Make:

* Mash sweet potatoes, take 3 / 4 pieces and mix with cornstarch and salt.
* The shape round - round as salak seeds.
* Boil water in a saucepan, put the dough into it salak seeds.
* Cook until the floating, lift and drain.
* Cook the sugar and water to Java late, add the remaining sweet potatoes that have been pulverized, mix well.
* After boiling, enter salak seeds, stir well and lift.
* Serve with coconut milk cooked with pandan leaves and salt to taste.
* Do not forget to stir - stir in coconut milk cooking time.

Mango juice coctail


* 1 kg Harum Manis Mango
* 1 pack of nata de coco 500 ml
* 1 piece of pineapple, cut into pieces
* 1 yellow melon, a round round
* 1 packet to / jelly cut box
* Sense of mango syrup

How to Make:

* Blender Harum Manis Mango
* Combine nata de coco, pineapple, melon and gelatin
* Add shaved ice / ice cubes
* If you add the syrup is less sweet taste of mango

This post originally submitted by Ekastuti Retno

Young Coconut Mango Pudding

* 2 pack order - that white powder
* 250 gr sugar Java (shaved smooth)
* 400 ml Water
* 100 ml coconut water
* 2 pieces harumanis Mango (peeled, puree in a blender)
* 1 young coconut fruit (pulp capture)
* 1 / 2 teaspoon salt
* 1 / 2 tsp Vanilla powder
* 1 tablespoon rum

How to Make:

* Java Sugar boiled with water until dissolved, set aside.
* Boil order - to the young coconut water to boil.
* Add the mango, Java sugar water, vanilla, salt and rum, stir well and lift.
* Prepare the pudding mold according to taste, wet with a little water.
* Put the meat and set the mold based coconuts.
* Pour the pudding mixture into the mold.
* Cool and put into the refrigerator, cut - cut and serve cold.

Setup Guava Jackfruit

250 ml of water
125 gr sugar
3 cm cinnamon stick
2 pcs cloves
500 gr red guava fruit
250 gr jackfruit, cut length
500 ml guava juice

How to Make:
1. Cut guava into 8 parts.
2. Jerang water, put cinnamon and clove to a boil. Lift. Enter your fruits. Allow to cool, add the cashew juice.
3. Store in refrigerator. Serve cold.

Serves 6

Avocado Ice
(for 1 cup)


- 1 medium-size avocados
- 5 teaspoons granulated sugar
- 1 tablespoon ice cream
- 1 tablespoon chocolate syrup from Nestle or any other brand
(can be purchased at Grocery in plastic bottles)
- 3 pieces of ice cubes
- A little white water
How to make:

- Halve the avocado, then dredging with a spoon, insert
in the glass.
- Blend the avocado with a spoon mash
- After just fine (optional) Mix sugar, ice cream and
chocolate syrup.
- Stir until mixed, then add ice cubes and a little water.
- Stir until mixed and ready to serve

Es Teler

1 can of young coconut (young coconut meat in syrup)
1 can of jackfruit (jack fruit in syrup
Both the above materials can be obtained at the oriental market

How to make:

Drain the young coconut and jackfruit (water / sirupnya not removed)
* Cut the young coconut and jackfruit to taste
* Mix coconut again and jackfruit that had been cut with sirupnya earlier.
* Halve the avocado and rake with a spoon and then input into a mixture of jackfruit and young coconut.
Add milk, sugar, vanilla and salt to taste.
* Serve with ice cubes.
* Vanilla / vanilla 1 teaspoon
* 4 avocados
* Sugar to taste
* 1 / 4 teaspoon fine salt
* 1 quart milk / vitamin D milk (whole milk)
These five kinds of materials can be obtained at grocery
    * Ice cubes to taste.

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